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The Mayutica Institute for Communication in Medicine (MICM) is dedicated to improving interpersonal communication, collaboration, and wellbeing in the practice of medicine.




Courses and Workshops (selected)

Introduction to Medical Improvisation

Experience how the principles of improv theatre apply to communication skills in medicine and medical education.

Here and Now: Responding skillfully to unpredictable circumstances

Learn how to think on one's feet, thrive in unpredictability, and quickly generate ideas and creative solutions.

Finding Feelings: Teaching empathy

Improve abilities to recognize and express emotion, intention, and honesty, thereby enhancing the ability to provide compassionate care.

Power Play: Body language, verbal cues, and power dynamics

Improve abilities to observe and modulate body language, status behaviors, and power dynamics, in order to build collaborative relationships.

We All Make Mistakes: Responding with courage, kindness, and support

Explore constructive and healthy responses to human error, and build safe environments and strong relationships using gratitude and support.

Memories and Madeleines: Discovering our stories

Learn collaborative ways to discover and share one's own stories, and how to build community by engaging with the stories of others.

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