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The Mayutica Institute for Communication in Medicine (MICM) is dedicated to improving interpersonal communication, collaboration, and wellbeing in the practice of medicine.





At the Mayutica Institute, we strive to advance knowledge and practice of communication in medicine. We develop concepts through the integration of academic, professional, and artistic disciplines, and study innovative methods for teaching communication skills. 

Mayutica collaborates with academic and clinical institutions to develop and refine innovative methods for teaching communication skills for graduate and undergraduate medical education, faculty development, continuing medical education, and staff training. 

Topics of ongoing & past research include:

  • Difficult patient counseling conversations in neonatology 
  • Conceptual frameworks for the role of improvisation in medical education
  • Effectiveness of medical improvisation coursework in family medicine residency training

Mayutica has collaborated with researchers at the University of Washington, Northwestern University, and Seattle Children's Hospital. We welcome new research proposals; if you are interested in collaborating with the Mayutica Institute on a research project, please contact us.

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